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R Nametha

Singapore – The Social Butterfly

In just one year since she started modelling, Nametha has done the rounds of Singapore’s fashion scene and party scene, hitting the clubs and partying with who’s who of the brands that want her on AsNTM. Since winning The New Paper New Face competition in 2015, she has hit the runways and done different kinds of photo shoots, exuding natural modelling skills and a rebellious nature that has propelled her career in the modelling industry.


Height: 178cm

Age: 18

Country: Singapore

Favourite feature: Eyes

Favourite model: Cajsa Wessberg

Favourite designers: Manish Malhotra, Alexander McQueen, Naeem Khan

Phobias: spiders, my hair being damaged

If modeling doesn’t work out: She would like to be a journalist, psychologist, social worker or photographer.