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Maureen Wroblewitz

Philippines – The Teenage Dream

Discovered on Instagram by a modelling agent when she was only 15 years old, Maureen completed her studies and took a leap of faith, moving from Germany to the Philippines to pursue a bona fide modelling career. Like any teenager, she’s full of dreams and believes that all of them are possible if you just go for them. Her soft-spoken and good girl demeanour may fool the other contestants, but they’ll soon find out how her effortless fierce stare can be picture-perfect.


Height: 168cm

Age: 18

Country: Philippines

Favorite feature: Eyes

Favorite model: Taylor Hill

Favorite designer: Vera Wang, Karl Lagerfeld

Phobias: Heights, spiders, snakes

If modelling doesn’t work out: She wants to be an actress because she believes she is dedicated to ART.